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Little Frogs Lambrusco Donelli "Gunnel"

Born: 2007-06-26
Reg nr: S51189/2007
Show results: 2x CC + 1x BOS
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: UA, 2008-07-23
L2-hga/HC: Genetically Clear/Genetically Clear
MH: Genomfört med godkänt skott

Pedigree with pictures

About Gunnel

”Gunnel” correct name is Little Frogs Lambrusco Donelli. She was born 26 June 2007 and is a daughter of ”Maijken”.

“Gunnel” is my very first red-pied puppy and I just had to keep her!! A month before she was borne I had to put her half sister to sleep. So the decision to keep her at home wasn´t hard.

At home I have both ”Gunnels” mother and grandmother in other words she is the third generationen from the same bloodline. This makes her quite special.
She is a very independent little girl.
”Gunnel” has started her show career and she just looooooves dogshows and she is a happy little girl when everybody looks at her!! She is a "late bloomer" but still she has managed to become 2:a best puppy bitch och 3:a best puppy bitch, with a really nice critic.
On the 4:th of May 2008 she gained her first CC. She became Best Bitch and BOS of 47 entrys by judge Mrs Tuire Okkula, Finland, only 10 month old.
On the 29:th of March 2009 she passed her mental exam. She is also hip, elbow and eye tested. Hip: A/A, Elbow: 0/0, Eye: PHPV/HC unaffected. L2 Hga: Genetically Clear, HC: Genetically Clear.

On the 29 July 2009 ”Gunnel” gave birth to five puppies, one girl and four boys, all red with white markings. Little Frogs Q-litter. She took very good care of them and it will be very exciting to follow their development.