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SVCH LP1 Little Frogs Quercia Barbera "Quta"

Born: 2009-07-29
Reg nr: S53845/2009
Show results: 1x BOB puppy, 1x BIS puppy
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: UA, 2010-09-01
L2-hga/HC: Genetically Clear/Genetically Clear
Other: Swedish Bloodtracking Champion

Pedigree with pitures

About Quta

”Quta” correct name is Little Frogs Quercia Barbera. She was born 29 July 2009 and is a daughter of ”Gunnel”. She is co-owned with Maria at kennel Matheriz in Skellefteå.

”Quta” is my second red beautie with lots of potential that I just had to keep!
Her pedigree is filled with interesting new bloodline from Australia!

She is bold and fearless!! She loves all dogs and expects them to love her! She looks most promissing and it will be very exciting to follow her development!
”Quta” has started her show career the best way possible!! At Kalix Kennelclub puppyshow she became BOB and BIS-1 puppy 4-6month. On the 15:th of May she did her debut in juniorclass. It was brilliant!! Best juniorbitch with honour prize-Hp. On the 31:th of July, at the Swedish terrierclubshow in Vålberg, she became 2:a best juniorbitch with Ck! On the 14:th of August, at the Swedish terrierclubshow in Skellefteå, she became Best juniorbitch with Ck and 4 best bitch!!

She is also hip, elbow and eye tested.
Hip: A/A, Elbow: 0/0, Eye: PHPV/HC unaffected. L2 Hga: Genetically Clear, HC: Genetically Clear.

With her co-owner Maria she competes in Blood tracking! ”Quta” is now a Swedish bloodtracking Champion!!