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SEUCH Little Frogs Melini Sangiovese "Saga"

Born: 2008-01-07
Reg nr: S16400/2008
Show results: SEUCH, 1x CACIB
Hips: B/B
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: UA, 2009-03-18
L2-hga/HC: Genetically Clear/Genetically Clear
MH:Genomfört med godkänt skott

Pedigree with pitures

About Saga

”Saga” correct name is Little Frogs Melini Sangiovese. She was born 7 January 2008 and is a daughter of ”Nemi”. She is the second generation of Little Frogs.

She is a stunning blackbrindle beauty with lots of potential. She is the result of a well planed mating with Swedens winning showpedigree combined into one.
It will be exciting to follow her devolopment.
“Saga” has started her show career in a brilliant way!! on 4 shows in puppy class she has managed to become BOB three times and BOS one time. She have also become BIS-3 at the swedish terrierclub show and BIS-1 at South Scania staffordshire bullterrier, by judge Mr Neil Robinson, Leager stafford.
On the 9:th of May at the Swedish terrierclub show in Tånga Hed ”Saga” became 2 best bitch and gaines her first CC.
On the 10:th of Juli at Swedish kennelclub international dogshow in Tvååker she became BOS and gained her second CC & first CACIB.
On the 12:th of Sept at the Swedish terrierclub show in Bjuv she became BOB and gained her third & last CC and became CHAMPION!! By judge Mr John Hartigan, Irland. On the same show she became BIS 3!!
She is also hip, elbow and eye tested. Hip: B/B, Elbow: 0/0, Eye: PHPV/HC unaffected. L2 Hga: Genetically Clear, HC: Genetically Clear.

On the 30 September ”Saga” gave birth seven black brindle puppies, tree girls and four boys. Little Frogs R-litter.