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Eijvor valp

My beloved Stora Kulltorps Duchess "Eijvor"

My lovely old lady!!
On the 9:th of October 2010 My beloved sister let you be free from all your illnes! I´m so sorry that I wasn´t with you the last minuets of you life!
I´m so happy that I was strong enough to let you move into your own family! It was one of the hardest decisions I have made! And I knew when they came and got you that you were no longer mine! You hade chosen your new family, the one with kids in! You really loved these little people!! A true "Nanny Dog"

On friday the 8 October Eijvor became ill. She was shaking, wobbeling, drooling and in pain! All testing came back normal but something was clearly wrong. The next day she became even worse and my sister Anja, her husband Peder and their 2 kids made the hard decison the let Eijvor go, without pain!

I know that you have it better now! But it´s hard to not miss a dog like YOU!!! Sleep tight!
Thank you for the wonderful time I was allowed to borrow you! Take good care of your self until we meet again!!
Thank you my beloved sister and family for opening your home for Eijvor! The best time of her life!!

Good night and sleep tight sweet little Eijvor!