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SV-98, Such Sunstaffs Que Sera Sera "Lisa"

Born: 1997-04-28
Reg nr: S33164/97
Show results: SV-98, Such
Hips: -
Elbows: -
Eyes: UA, 2003-04-15
L2-hga/HC: Clear/Clear
MH: -

Pedigree with pictures

About Lisa

”Lisa” correct name is Sv-98 Such Sunstaffs Que Sera Sera. She was born 28 April 1997.
”Lisa” is the oldest staffie on the kennel and she is ”Maijkens” mother. This makes her my foundation dog. She came to me when she was six years old. Her owners, kennel Stora Kulltorp, went their separate ways and she didn´t like living in an apartment.

”Lisa” is a very calm and gentle lady. She just loves cuddling and snugging in our bed or in the sofa. If you should stop patting her she hits you with her paw saying –HEY! DON´T FORGETT ME!!

”Lisa” is Swedish show champion and Swedish Winner -98.

Eye: HC/PHPV unaffected, L2-Hga: Clear,
HC: Clear

On the 9:th of November 2004 ”Lisa” gave birth to five puppies, three males and two females. All of them blackbrindel some with white marks. Little Frogs F-litter. On the 9:th of July 2006 she gave birth to four puppies, one male and three females. Little Frogs J-litter. She is now retired but still going strong.
Lisa is the mother of 4 litters, a total of 22 puppies. 6 of these are champions and several are CC winners.

Thanks Nina and Per-Åke for letting us have this wonderful lady!