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My beloved SUCH, DKUCH Little Frogs
Black Opal "Ayo"

My beautiful marsmallow!! On the 8:th of August 2007 I decided that you didn´t hade to fight against your cancer anymore! My beloved boy, you only became 5½ years old.

You came back to me at the age of 19 month. A happy little guy with BIG potencial. I never planed for you to stay at home, but when you came home I coulden´t be without you! It was as we were meant to be together. You were always faithful to me and you stod by me at all times. You hade never been sick. I think that is the reason why I had a hard time accepting the news about your lymfoma.
You are a proud father of 23 puppies in Sweden, 16 in Norway and 3 in Denmark. Thanks to them a piece of you will always still be here.
I miss you and your warmth. I miss your hazzelbrown eyes following my each and every move. You did everything I ever askt for, yes you where amazing in every way!! You have influenced and impressed a lot of people and therefore you will never be forgotten. Life without you is empty and hollow. I will never again hear your deep sigh or your joyful barking. I know that you have it better now! But there is missing a BIG pice in my heart... not untill we are together again my heart can be whole. Thank you for the short but wonderful time I was allowed to borrow you! Take good care of your self until we meet again!!

God night and sleep tight my sweet prince Ayo!
There will never be another dog as wonderful as YOU!!